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Googles Android App Inventor

Saturday, November 13th, 2010

For the sixth month, Google’s Android has been the only mobile operating system to gain market share. This is sure to continue with Google’s current application under development: the Google App Inventor. I signed up a few months ago hoping to hear more, and yesterday was sent an invitation.

What’s the App Inventor?

To simply the process of creating a mobile phone application, Google’s App Inventor provides users an intuitive and graphical system. By connecting a series of “blocks” you can link actions between each other to stack blocks, creating a working application. According to the New York Times, Google has been testing the App Inventor behind closed doors in schools for over a year now.

Impact on Android Marketplace

Being that the Marketplace doesn’t require users to be approved for submission, such as the case with Apple’s App Store, any and everyone will be able to pop out their own application. The foreseeable result is a crowded place with lots of half-working, half-useful applications. The long term result is a much larger, strengthened community creating apps without barriers of programming. Expect to see a lot more simple apps, and a lower average for paid Android applications.

How do I get started?

Sign up for the App Inventor Beta. Once you’re in, start checking out the forums and support documentation.

What do you think?