Manage WordPress from your Android Phone

For all the WordPress and Android users out there, there’s a great application made by the WordPress team bridging the gap. It’s constantly updated and simulates most all the functions of the WordPress administration on-the-go. Manage comments, posts, pages and some. To follow this guide, it’s assumed you have an operating WordPress blog and an Android phone running 1.5 (cupcake) or higher.

WordPress Setup

Download the app free from the Marketplace, or at Once installed on your device, you’ll need to enable XML-RPC access on your blog. This let’s you connect remotely to your blog from devices. Don’t worry, it’s safe and easy. Simply login to your blog, go to ‘Writing’ (under Settings) and look for “Remote Publishing”. Here you’ll find a check box to enable XML-RPC. Once you’ve saved, input your user credentials in the app and let her rip.

Making the Most

Expand your phones abilities by beefing up your experience. These tips are optional, but serve only to

  • Setup tracking: Install the stats plugin to enable stats for your self-hosted blog. Once installed, you’ll find a ‘Stats’ tab in the application. Alternatively, use the Google Analytics app.
  • Use SSL security: SSL is enabled on all blogs hosted at For self-hosted blogs, you’ll need to enable SSL protection in the settings. This added security is good to protect access.
  • Manage multiple blogs: Using this application you can add several blogs and manage them from the same device. Pretty handy for someone responsible for several WordPress installations.

Additional Devices

Other WordPress mobile applications are available for BlackBerry, iOS, and Nokia devices. Setup is the same for other devices as mentioned above.

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